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CUSTOMER SERVICE offers its customers prompt and professional service 24/7. Our customer service operators directly, by phone and in virtual form communicate with customers about the services provided by the company, access to services, payment rules.


On our website you can pay with Visa / Mastercard bank cards. The bank card must be suitable for online payments (determined by the bank).When paying for an order online using a bank card, the payment process is carried out on the website of the electronic payment system.


After returning the goods to the office and checking for compliance with the conditions of return, 10 manats are deducted from the cost of the goods, and the rest is uploaded to your account within 3 working days or transferred to you personally.


Please note that delivery is carried out only after order confirmation. The order can be made both online and by phone +994 77 312 37 00. Delivery is carried out to the address indicated when placing the order. Shipping cost depends on the address.